“You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”

- John Kabat Zinn

Has your life or relationships become overwhelming?

In the mist of trouble we often direct negative feelings toward ourselves and others. This can lead to anxiety, depression, low self worth and relationship stress.


Counseling can help you face these challenges and find a sense of inner peace and satisfaction.

"There are many ways of getting strong, sometimes talking is the best way"  -Andre Agassi


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Wilmington, NC who specializes in evidence based therapies for anxiety, depression and general adjustment to lifeʼs stressors. 


I work with adults and adolescents and my therapeutic approach is tailored to each individuals needs, with focus on self acceptance and courage to make small changes.




I primarily use cognitive behavioral and mindfulness-based approaches to therapy; however, therapy is most effective when tailored to meet the needs, strengths and goals of each client. I will often make use of various therapeutic techniques in order to best help each client make meaningful, positive life changes. It is my belief that self compassion and self care are the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of this approach extend to interpersonal relationships, goal attainment, building resilience and countering anxiety. Sessions involve us working together to gain insights into thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You will explore healthy coping skills to improve circumstances.


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